Domestic Violence, after the Emergencey Injunction/Restraining Order

As a survivor of Domestic Violence, I realize how little information and how few resources there are for survivors once they have filed and received their emergency Domestic Violence Injunction/Restraining Order. The goal of this site is to provide as much information as possible to the surivor as they go through the process of gaining a permanent injunction, and if applicable, a divorce. Resources will be collected and made available, FAQ’s answered and general guidance provided. Please note, I am not an attorney and as such all information here should not be considered legal advice. This is just a guide. Please contact an attorney in your area for information specific to your situation. If you have resources to share, please share and we will provide them to other survivors. 

Currently, this site has information most relevant to the state of Florida. If you are not in Florida, please use this information as a starting point and contact local resources to learn more.

I am a Domestic Violence Survivor.